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Devotedly Abiding

I ran across this phrase recently. It caught my attention because I love the word abide. Looking up its etymology, I found that it carries with it a sense of “waiting onward.” I loved that too. Not waiting passively or impatiently, but with an attitude of alert attention, open receptivity, readiness to engage fully with the present moment.

Adding the quality of devotion to abiding gives it a sense of sacred commitment, trusting the perfect unfolding of life, recognizing the interplay of all aspects of creation, and lovingly accepting what is, as it is.

The whole phrase I found was “devotedly abiding in the silent presence of the heart.” This got me to wondering what I devotedly abide in. I tried out several possibilities. Devotedly abiding in truth, for example, or love, or faith, or peace, or compassion, or willingness, or awareness, or trust. Each one resonated with some appeal and relevance, but nothing felt exactly right, or rather one didn’t stand out as more right than the others. So I delayed writing this post, thinking that one would emerge from the crowd, and that I would recognize it as the foundation or focus of my devoted abiding.

But that didn’t happen. Finally, I saw that I was trying to use too many words, too many thoughts. It was enough to simply devotedly abide. I don’t need to know what I devotedly abide “in.” Beyond all the words and thoughts there is infinite spaciousness, unimaginable beauty, exquisite perfection. I have been there. That is where I want to abide. Devotedly.

Do I abide there, devotedly or otherwise? Not always. But often all it takes is the reminder of the phrase itself, devotedly abiding, sort of like a mantra, to bring my attention back to its focus. My spirit settles in relief, resting in peace, content, grateful, blessed. Everything becomes beautiful.

When your being is soaked in devotion, even a piece of stone will become divine. ~Sadhguru

6 thoughts on “Devotedly Abiding”

  1. I love this philosophy. Thank you for explaining it so perfectly. I hope you are doing well♥️

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I am doing well. Hope you are too. Ran across this quote this morning from The Way of Mastery which fits with the post: “I will walk this earth as one who is free, and one who is the spaciousness through which only Love abides and is offered.” Isn’t that beautiful?

  2. Your exploration of the phrase “devotedly abiding” is truly inspiring. The way you’ve delved into its meaning and how it resonates with you is a testament to your introspective nature. I agree that sometimes, it’s not about what we abide in, but the act of abiding itself that holds the most significance. The beauty of this phrase lies in its simplicity and the profound peace it brings to your spirit.

    Your journey of self-discovery and the quest for the perfect word to abide in is a beautiful reminder of the importance of mindfulness and presence. It’s a reminder that we don’t always need to seek something specific to abide in, but rather, we can find solace in the act of abiding itself, in the infinite spaciousness beyond words and thoughts.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. It’s a beautiful reminder to us all to find our own ways of “devotedly abiding” in our lives.

    Abide on!

    1. Thank you David. I’m so pleased that you found this post inspiring. I appreciate you sharing your own reflections on abiding. Abide on indeed!

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