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Devotedly Abiding

I ran across this phrase recently. It caught my attention because I love the word abide. Looking up its etymology, I found that it carries with it a sense of “waiting onward.” I loved that too. Not waiting passively or impatiently, but with an attitude of alert attention, open receptivity, readiness to engage fully with […]

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Speaking Gratitude

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, we find our own ways of celebrating, or, for some of us, not celebrating. Some have traditional dinners with friends or family. Some are uncomfortable with the controversial origins of the holiday and choose not to acknowledge it, while others embrace the first Thanksgiving narrative. Some choose, like

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Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice

[Note: I’ve been trying to update something on my subscriber service, and apparently my last post got resent one or two extra times to some people. If that happened to you, I apologize for the annoyance. Hopefully, everything is fixed now.] Someone complained to me recently that she had gotten away from her spiritual practice

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New Book!

I’m pleased to share with you that my new book Your Breath Is Your Guru is now available in paperback and ebook. Here is the link to my website with a description and links for purchase. I hope you will check it out. All proceeds are donated to North Pole Studio, supporting and promoting

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