Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl


On the Mercy Seat

I sat beside the creek  The ground blessed me with embodiment  The creek blessed me with song  Mosses blessed me with tenderness  Trillium blessed me with promise  Trees blessed me with wisdom  The sky blessed me with unlimitedness  Rocks blessed me with courage  Breezes blessed me with love  Birds blessed me with freedom  I sat on the mercy seat  There I met God

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Released to Love

We want to pour ourselves out For our whole selves to be seen By one who will cherish our sacred revelation Here is all of who I am All my stories   memories     dreams       fears         secrets           longings             joys Now I am free Empty of it all Everything has

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Fear comes from thinking  That we know how things should be  And if they are not so  It must surely be our failing  Trust comes hard  To those who carry such a burden  We walk this earth but for a moment  What hubris to think that we know anything

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