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Just the Way They Are

What is the difference between an enlightened person and an unenlightened person? The unenlightened person sees a difference.I read this joke recently in Miracles Magazine. I wanted to find the source for it, so I Googled the question. And what do you know? I found LOTS of answers seriously offering a variety of litmus tests to …

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Heard Only in the Heart

The words are spoken in silenceHeard only in the heartDo not doubt what they revealMore real than any heard in mindTrust the truth of what is known beyond knowingAnd do not be misled by thoughtThat seeks to hold illusionBe thou thus ignited With what has always burnedDeep Deep

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 70

This is a beautiful chapter that acknowledges how elusive something so simple can be.My words are very easy to knowVery easy to put into practiceYet under heaven no one is able to know themNo one can put them into practiceWhen people ask me to explain Tao to them, or ask me what they need to …

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New Beginnings

New beginningsRedundantYet still I like the termA double dose of freshnessHints of endless possibilityAnd hopeAnticipationWillingnessAnd courageThis moment unchainedLiberated from the pastUncontainable by one word alone

Who Is Talking?

I want to understand— To understand whatWhat is the meaning of this suffering— Suffering has no meaning here. It does not existWhere is here— HomeI want to come home— You never leftThen why does it seem so far away— Because you have hidden yourself from loveHow do I find love— You can’t find love because you …

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“When every breathBecomes a prayerWhen every step Becomes a meditationWhen every wordBecomes a song of loveWhen every heartbeatPulses gratitudeThen…” he paused“Then what?” they urgedHe smiled and bowed

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 52

This chapter reflects the motion of Tao as the origin of all things, manifesting into form and then returning to the source. The image of the divine mother figures prominently, giving us the sense that Tao gives birth to, rather than creates, “all under heaven.” The bond between Tao and the universe is compared to …

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Asking for Miracles

I’ve been churned up lately about a personal situation. I find myself on the hamster wheel, running and running and getting nowhere. I run over things past – words that were said, decisions that were made, actions that were taken. I imagine different words, different decisions, different actions, and the different outcomes that would have …

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Reading Labels

Several recent conversations have got me thinking about labels. Years ago, people started reading content labels on their food, discovering things in their food that they didn’t know were there. Over time, regulations required more disclosure on labels, and people became more knowledgeable about understanding the significance of various ingredients. Anyway, I have been thinking …

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Start with “I don’t know.” Why not just start with where you’ll end up anyway? ~Adyashanti I was never a legit Trekkie but I did enjoy and was inspired by two of the series – Next Generation, and Voyager. Each series had a crew member characterized by intellectual and logical prowess – Data, the android …

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