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Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Tao Te Ching

What Treasure Am I Teaching?

Ceaselessly you are engaged in teaching the world what you believe holds the greatest truth, the greatest value. ~The Way of Mastery Chapter 67 of the Dao De Jing speaks of having three treasures – mercy leading to courage, economy leading to generosity, and humility leading to leadership. This got me to wondering what my …

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Light in the Darkness

Darkness darkness, be my pillow Take my head and let me sleepIn the coolness of your shadowIn the silence of your dreamDarkness darkness, hide my yearningFor the things that cannot beKeep my mind from constant turning Towards the things I cannot see     ~Stephen Stills Today is the first day of winter, the season we associate with …

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Where We Grow

Someone asked recently whether we would grow spiritually without struggle. Good question. The Tao Te Ching describes a life in harmony with Tao as effortless, without conflict or strife. In martial arts, we train with the slogan “Don’t insist. Don’t resist.” We know that trying to force something or someone might work sometimes but there …

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Tao Te Ching – Chapter 25

Divided into two parts, this chapter first attempts to describe the indescribable Tao, and then moves to a description of humanity’s place in the grand scheme of the universe. There is something mysteriously undifferentiatedExisting before the beginning of heaven and earthSilent and formless, unimaginableAlone unchanging This opening passage reminds me of Genesis 1:2: Now the …

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