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The Art of Allowing

As a person who often advocates “practice,” I’ve been exploring what it means to practice something. We might have lots of practices. I practice martial arts, for example. Some of us practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga, loving-kindness, and more. When we have an intention to cultivate or develop a skill or a habit, we devote time …

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Embracing Yin

Summer is the season of pure yang energy. Its element is fire. Its organ is the heart. Yang energy is active, hot, rising, powerful. When someone is wildly successful, driving forward, dominating the competition, unstoppable, we might say, “Wow, she’s on fire!”  Our western culture highly values yang energy. Idle hands do the devil’s work, …

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Just the Way They Are

What is the difference between an enlightened person and an unenlightened person? The unenlightened person sees a difference.I read this joke recently in Miracles Magazine. I wanted to find the source for it, so I Googled the question. And what do you know? I found LOTS of answers seriously offering a variety of litmus tests to …

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Heard Only in the Heart

The words are spoken in silenceHeard only in the heartDo not doubt what they revealMore real than any heard in mindTrust the truth of what is known beyond knowingAnd do not be misled by thoughtThat seeks to hold illusionBe thou thus ignited With what has always burnedDeep Deep


Listen Come and listen Not to me But to what is spoken  In all our hearts Just so Your soul will recognize the sound Humming humming Silently Vibrating all into resonance Can you not hear it Listen

Light in the Darkness

Darkness darkness, be my pillow Take my head and let me sleepIn the coolness of your shadowIn the silence of your dreamDarkness darkness, hide my yearningFor the things that cannot beKeep my mind from constant turning Towards the things I cannot see     ~Stephen Stills Today is the first day of winter, the season we associate with …

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Tao Te Ching – Chapter 57

The theme of this chapter can be summed up like this: Do not interfere. One can rule a country with predictable justiceOne can wage a war with unpredictable strategyBut one can harness the power of the universe only by non-interference We don’t have to look far to see where interference, even well-intentioned, has caused more harm …

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