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Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl


Embracing Yin

Summer is the season of pure yang energy. Its element is fire. Its organ is the heart. Yang energy is active, hot, rising, powerful. When someone is wildly successful, driving forward, dominating the competition, unstoppable, we might say, “Wow, she’s on fire!”  Our western culture highly values yang energy. Idle hands do the devil’s work, …

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Winter Solstice

Solstice calls the lightThrough the darknessThrough the coldEach day a few steps closerEach day a little brighterThe earth warms to her touchAnd stirs in winter’s stillnessBuds quiver on bare branchesWhispering welcomeWelcome home

The Place We Never Left

Each momentIs a doorwayAn open door into the infiniteAn invitation to enter The mystery of eternityTime — an endless hall of doorsEach momentWe walk through … or we don’tEither way there is another doorUntil we leave time altogetherAnd see all doors as oneDisappearing as soon as we step throughInto the place we never left

Love Like the Sun

Love like the sunDispelling all darknessToasting comfy the deepest chillLove like the rainShowering all without reservationSlaking thirst and washing cleanLove like the windFree and fierceShaking loose what no longer servesLove like the starsTwinkling bright to delight the eyeTo unerringly guide the lostLove like the earthFecund forgivingBlessing with abundanceLove like the flowersHappy to be aliveOffering beauty …

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Who Is Talking?

I want to understand— To understand whatWhat is the meaning of this suffering— Suffering has no meaning here. It does not existWhere is here— HomeI want to come home— You never leftThen why does it seem so far away— Because you have hidden yourself from loveHow do I find love— You can’t find love because you …

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Never Lost

When I moved to Portland, my son was just shy of his fourth birthday. It was a sudden move, necessary for many reasons. We arrived without much advance planning, and we were both disoriented and reeling. I rented a room in an extended stay hotel, and started to get my bearings. My son has autism, …

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Tao Te Ching – Chapter 47

There is a lot packed into this short chapter, which makes clear that we need not look anywhere outside ourselves for the answers we seek. In fact, we need not look at all. Without going out the door, one knows everything under heavenWithout looking out the window, one sees heaven’s TaoThe further away one goes, …

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At nightWhen darkness makes the edges softAnd thins the veilThe boy weptI miss home, he criedWe are home, his parents soothedNo, my home before, now sobbingHis parents stroked his back, perplexedYou mean our old house?No, not that one, the one before!There was no otherYou were born in that houseNo! he wailed. The one BEFORE!His parents …

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Hold My Hand

Hold my handDon’t let me get lostLead me through the darknessCarry me when I get tiredKeep me safeLet me sleep in your armsTill the warm light of homeBathes my fuzzy eyesAnd smiles me awake

The Doorway

In this very momentIs a doorwayBeyond that doorwayIs where we really areAnd always have beenFrom there our spirit calls us to come homeWalk through the doorWhat you leave behind is only a dreamDo not fear to leave itIf you only knew what awaits youYou would leap laughing through the portalAnd never look back

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 25

Divided into two parts, this chapter first attempts to describe the indescribable Tao, and then moves to a description of humanity’s place in the grand scheme of the universe. There is something mysteriously undifferentiatedExisting before the beginning of heaven and earthSilent and formless, unimaginableAlone unchanging This opening passage reminds me of Genesis 1:2: Now the …

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