Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl


Fall Equinox

Darkness overtakes the light Inviting entry into mystery  Gathering before the time of stillness  Turning inward after youth  Releasing breath by breath  What waits is yet obscured  It waits in quiet  To carry us gently into new beginnings

The Liminal Space of Possibility

  Sitting by the fire In the dark early morn Watching out the window As shadows emerge from blackness Shadows becoming trees As light seeps into the forest The sun will be here later Now is the time of in between The liminal space of possibility The secret taste of sweet unknown

Embracing Yin

Summer is the season of pure yang energy. Its element is fire. Its organ is the heart. Yang energy is active, hot, rising, powerful. When someone is wildly successful, driving forward, dominating the competition, unstoppable, we might say, “Wow, she’s on fire!”  Our western culture highly values yang energy. Idle hands do the devil’s work, …

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Winter Solstice

Solstice calls the lightThrough the darknessThrough the coldEach day a few steps closerEach day a little brighterThe earth warms to her touchAnd stirs in winter’s stillnessBuds quiver on bare branchesWhispering welcomeWelcome home

Light in the Darkness

Darkness darkness, be my pillow Take my head and let me sleepIn the coolness of your shadowIn the silence of your dreamDarkness darkness, hide my yearningFor the things that cannot beKeep my mind from constant turning Towards the things I cannot see     ~Stephen Stills Today is the first day of winter, the season we associate with …

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