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Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

No Way Café

There is nobody who can teach the way of no way. It cannot be learned either. Teaching and learning require someone. When there is no longer anybody, then the way of no way is evident and there is neither need for learning nor desire for teaching.

~Todd Jackson

Wings of Angels

All that has happened has brought you here  Do not judge what is beyond your understanding  You ride the wings of angels  Who watch over you with love  And carry you on the winds of creation  

The Power of Being Willing

I haven’t had a word of the year for a decade. In an illustration of cosmic humor of the universe, my last word of the year was in 2013 and my word was “wait.” But as 2013 came to a close, no new word came for 2014. Now, ten years later, as 2023 drew to […]

Don’t Look Back

Greetings to all and wishes for a good start to the new year. I was at my cabin for New Year’s Eve. I did my usual ritual of writing a letter to the old year thanking it for its blessings, and a letter welcoming the new year. It’s normal as a year ends to reflect. […]

Thank You for This Day

Tonight is winter solstice, the longest night. Tomorrow the light returns just as winter begins. How perfect. A few days ago, I sat on a driftwood log, watching the seagulls swoop over the waves crashing on the shore. All I could think was, “Thank you, God, for letting me live long enough to have this […]

This Shit Really Works

I was describing to someone how working on the last stages of my new book as I was preparing for cancer surgery this summer really helped me stay centered. Reading and rereading the chapters to edit and proofread kept the content of the book front and center in my consciousness and was a constant and […]

Journey to the Center of the Soul

No need to travel Or journey far Within is vast terrain To explore until You arrive where you began And marvel to reflect On such an adventure

Speaking Gratitude

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, we find our own ways of celebrating, or, for some of us, not celebrating. Some have traditional dinners with friends or family. Some are uncomfortable with the controversial origins of the holiday and choose not to acknowledge it, while others embrace the first Thanksgiving narrative. Some choose, like […]

Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice

[Note: I’ve been trying to update something on my subscriber service, and apparently my last post got resent one or two extra times to some people. If that happened to you, I apologize for the annoyance. Hopefully, everything is fixed now.] Someone complained to me recently that she had gotten away from her spiritual practice […]

About This Boat…

Recently I wrote about how I created rituals to help support me through having cancer this year. One ritual I didn’t mention was one that hasn’t happened yet, but will this weekend. When I knew I was going to have a hysterectomy due to cervical cancer, I decided I wanted to honor the body parts […]

New Book!