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Thank You for This Day

Tonight is winter solstice, the longest night. Tomorrow the light returns just as winter begins. How perfect.

A few days ago, I sat on a driftwood log, watching the seagulls swoop over the waves crashing on the shore. All I could think was, “Thank you, God, for letting me live long enough to have this day.” That’s how I feel every day. Life. So exquisitely precious in its extraordinary ordinariness. The mundane and the magical shifting in optical illusion until you don’t know which side you’re looking at because they’re both the same. There is no separation. All creation is connected in one infinite network of shimmering vibration. Existence is relationship. There is nothing else.

What a year, right? Wow. Not one I’ll soon forget. A year that taught me that the universe always answers the deepest prayers of our heart, answers them with a wisdom that often defies understanding yet carries within it the love of all creation, singing beauty in our soul.

So yes, I’m grateful for it all. Every bit of it. It’s all so perfect.

Pain pays the income of each precious thing. ~William Shakespeare

12 thoughts on “Thank You for This Day”

  1. lovely sentiment Galen-a deeper dive into William Shakespeare’s quote, “Pain pays the income of each precious thing,” appears in The Rape of Lucrece. The quote suggests that precious things are worth the pain and cost.
    So true.
    Been rolling with “make sure the juice is worth the squeeze”, but Shakespeare’s quote much the refinement!

    1. Thank you David for providing some context. I didn’t know where the quote came from. Your quote is right up there with the Bard’s!

  2. This is so beautiful and says exactly how I feel. It feels ancient and so much more magnanimous than our modern day religions

    1. Thank you Mary. There is something beneath all the doctrines and dogma, isn’t there? Something universal and beautiful. I resonate with your characterization of it as ancient.

  3. Merry Christmas Beth! You always have such beautiful words of wisdom. I this holiday finds you spending lots of time with your children and grandchildren. I hope to see you sometime after the holiday!

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