Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Birthing Myself

Lying in the mossy green beside the creek  
I prepare to give birth to myself  
From within comes the liberation I have prayed for  
The pangs of labor I had not foreseen  
Yet I embrace it all  
Trusting in the promise of safe passage  
Welcoming with love whatever comes  

4 thoughts on “Birthing Myself”

  1. Mona McGinnis

    Your post speaks to the transition I’m in right now. I’m patiently working through this period knowing that some new revelation awaits me at the end. It’s not the intense & quick transition of labor but it’s laborious & I look forward to the (re)birth at the end.

    1. I’m so glad this was timely for you, Mona. Wishing you a happy rebirth, and thanks for your comment.

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