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Baby Eyes

What is it about a baby’s eyes that is so compelling? Maybe because they look so surprised and amazed at what they see. The world is fresh, everything is fascinating, and, if they are lucky, they see infinite love being reflected back to them.

One thing that captivates me about a baby’s eyes are the whites. The whites of a baby’s eyes are so WHITE! Pure unblemished white, new snow white, cold milk white, star bright white, shimmering pearl white. In contrast, the whites of my eyes are a bit dulled, and crisscrossed like a road atlas with what I think of as eyeball varicose veins.

I can’t change the appearance of my physical eyes, but I’ve decided as this new year begins, that I’m going to see with my inner eye as a baby sees. I’m going to imagine that the white of my inner eye looks as fresh and unmarked by life’s vicissitudes as a newborn’s eye. I will look upon everything with an open attitude, leaving prior judgment and evaluation behind. Like a baby, I will not have had time to build up resentments and grievances, so I will engage with everything directly instead of through the lens of past experience.

And I will have no fear in the looking because, like a fortunate newborn, I will be held safely and protected in the arms of the Beloved.

The year is still new, and already I have had several opportunities to remind myself “baby eyes!” as I catch myself drifting back into the past to relive a hurt or revisit a judgment, or reaching forward to anticipate something I think I won’t like.

I haven’t had a word of the year for many years. The last one I had was ten years ago and it was “wait.” I guess I had to wait a decade for a new word. The word that comes to me now is “liberate.” I feel liberated by assuming the wonder of “baby eyes,” freed from my own history, and freeing others of whatever limitations I have placed on them.

So welcome, 2023! The world is new and I’m new in it. As a friend is fond of saying, let’s see what happens.

Through the eyes of a child, you will see nothing but magic all around. ~unknown

6 thoughts on “Baby Eyes”

  1. Looking at the world through baby eyes appeals to me. I’m reminded of my 2023 WOTY – forward. I’ve been harboring some grievances and I need to let go and engage in the present vs through the lens of past experience; forward motion vs spinning my tires in the past.

    1. Forward is a great WOTY and you are right that it goes well with baby eyes. And your examples are ones that most of us can relate to. I know I can. Thanks for your comment, Mona.

  2. Hi Galen! I find liberate a very provocative word. Of course every WOTY holds special and unique meaning that only “we” can fully choose to interpret. But from my point of view, may you have an amazing liberating year in which you see clearly with the eyes of a baby. ~Kathy

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your WOTY. Wondering if it will be the one you mentioned before.

      Yes, liberate is going to be interesting. I wasn’t looking for a word since, as I mentioned, I haven’t had one for a decade. But New Year’s Eve, I was feeling a bit constrained by various things, and also realized that I was holding others hostage to my opinions. I decided that I needed to let my opinions go, and to give myself permission to step back from situations that were draining. The word liberate just popped into my head and there it stayed. So I guess I have a WOTY. By my guiding image is going to be “baby eyes.” And maybe I have a song, too, since all the way home from the cabin I kept humming “Fly Like an Eagle.” Ha!

      Thanks for commenting, Kathy.

  3. Baby eyes! Reminds me of a beginner’s mind. Letting go of all past notions and looking at everything with fresh eyes. Love it.
    Looking forward to reading about your journey with your WOTY.

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