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Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

An I-Love-Myself Seat

While I was visiting a friend who had gone through a rough time, she pointed out a chair in her apartment. That chair, she told me, was where she had spent many dark hours, full of anger and despair. It held too many bad memories; she wanted to get rid of it. In its place she wanted to get a loveseat. She called it an I-love-myself seat.

Brilliant. We should all have one of those. Imagine a seat where you could sit and feel wrapped in love. Loving yourself just the way you are, completely known, completely accepted, completely and unconditionally loved. Embracing the fullness and wholeness and wonderfulness of yourself. Bathed with compassion, blessed with forgiveness, showered with grace. All judgment and self criticism silenced. Only love, pure and shining.

Sometimes it helps to have something tangible on the outside to awaken or heal something on the inside. It might be a piece of furniture, a blanket, an article of clothing, a painting, a tree. Sometimes it’s something we do, like creating a ritual, making something, burning something, dancing, lying on the grass, walking in the forest, writing a poem, sitting by water.

My friend’s concept of an I-love-myself seat reminds us that we have within us the power to be whole, to be fully who we are, to live into our sacred divinity. No one can give us this power, or take it away.

So find or create whatever you need to embrace yourself, every single aspect of who you are, including that voice of inner judgment and fear, with perfect love. Love it all without exception. Love it gently, beautifully, with delight and gratitude. Fall in love with yourself and live in peace.

Self-Love, then indeed, is the doorway to Wisdom Divine. Bring love, then, to each moment. Learn to cultivate your ability while yet you remain in this plane, to feel Love of Self prior to every breath and with each and every step. … [F]or no one can bring peace to the planet who is not at peace within themselves. And no one can bring that Love that heals all things to the planet, unless they have first loved themselves. ~Jeshua