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Galen Pearl

Breathe Like Water

While I was sitting by the creek at my forest cabin over the weekend, I learned a new breath meditation. The creek taught me to breathe like water.

Admittedly, this takes a bit of imagination, but give it a try.

I begin by imagining that my breath pours into me from the top of my head like a cool, clear stream. As it fills me up, it flows into every part of my internal being, spreading out from my lungs into organs, limbs, tissue, muscles, joints, skin, circulatory and nervous systems, even every cell – all the way from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers and toes.

As it flows and fills, it washes everything clean, purifying as it goes, leaving everything sparkling with light and carrying away any waste, toxin, density.

I am bathed with every wave of breath, refreshed and renewed.

I bowed to the creek with gratitude for such a blessing.

May your love for me be
the scent of the evening sea

drifting in
through a quiet window

so i do not have to run
or chase or fall
… to feel you

all i have to do
~Sanober Khan

2 thoughts on “Breathe Like Water”

  1. That is a unique way of thinking about what I do every morning during meditation time. The usual instruction is to breathe in through the nose, notice where the breath is most prevelant, then exhale through the mouth.

    Using your imagery, I can see an entirely new way to focus on the act of breathing. I will try the stream concept tomorrow.

    1. Let me know what you think. I like to play with breath in all kinds of ways. We can explore some when y’all are here to visit if you like. Thanks for commenting.

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