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Destiny Is All!

If you are a fan of The Last Kingdom, you will recognize the “destiny is all” tag line from the show. Destiny. That is a powerful word. It comes from a Latin word meaning to make firm or to establish. The word is used and abused in all sorts of contexts – religious, political, and personal. I’m sure we can all list some of those. But I use it here to mean an inspiration, a calling to a deep life purpose. It need not be grand or make us famous. It doesn’t always have a clearly defined label. But when we listen for call and heed it, we have a sense of alignment and “rightness.” We are part of something bigger than ourselves, something infinite and mysterious. It is marvelous, even if our part in it is quite small.

Our destiny might not be what we think it is. We might think in terms of career perhaps. And maybe destiny might play a part in our career path. Going deeper, however, destiny is something more fundamental. For example, a friend tells me her destiny is to be a witness to truth. Another friend often bemoans her lack of purpose, when all along I see how she tends to everyone she meets with kindness and generosity of spirit. It is her calling, whether or not she can see its priceless value.

Whatever our life circumstances and choices, there is a deep river of destiny that runs through our souls, seeking to manifest. We don’t need to be trained for it; we need only allow it and trust it. We hear its call in the quietness of our spirit when we listen, really listen, with our whole selves. We recognize it by the opening of our hearts. Destiny does not isolate or fear. It expands and embraces. We are connected through it to all of creation.

All destinies, while appearing in different forms in each of us, are one destiny. Destiny sends us out from the origin of heaven and earth to bring forth the beauty of the garden into this world, to awaken from the dream of separation, to reach across and open the way.

We need not be concerned about success or failure. Our very existence manifests our destiny. It is who we are. One cosmic expansion of Being. We cannot be other.

Destiny is all!

One love, one heart, one destiny. ~Bob Marley

6 thoughts on “Destiny Is All!”

  1. I normally think of the word, destiny, as equal to fate. It is that something that happens to us that is out of our control, it just is.

    You have given me another option to consider: destiny meaning what we are meant to be or supposed to eventually gravitate toward.

    That definition is preferable because it implies using parts of us to get us there.

    1. I’m glad you like this option. The word destiny can mean so many things, and much harm as well as good is done in its name. I like to think it has this other possible meaning too. And you are right, we can participate in and engage with this calling of destiny. Thanks for commenting, Bob.

  2. When my brother-n-laws’ nephew was about 4 or 5 years old, he woke up from a nightmare and told his mother that a monster was chasing him. She told him that if it happened again he should turn around and ask the monster, “What is your name?”
    The next morning at breakfast, the told his mother that when the monster started chasing him again, he asked him his name.
    The monster said, “Destiny”

    1. That’s a great story Juju! Yes, destiny can certainly seem like a monster chasing us around sometimes. Hopefully after the monster told him his name, the boy was able to make friends with it. Destiny can be our ally and our guide and our protector. I hope that is how it turned out. Thanks for your comment.

  3. “Whatever our life circumstances and choices, there is a deep river of destiny that runs through our souls, seeking to manifest. We don’t need to be trained for it; we need only allow it and trust it.” I LOVE THIS! You’ve described a beautifully simple way of leaning in to one’s mission, which I believe is fluid. I used to think I was supposed to figure out what my lofty destiny is and then kill myself trying to make it so. Ha! Now I know GUS (my acronym for God-Universe-Spirit) chuckles at my striving and constant doing.

    Now you’re telling me I can relax into listening and connecting and contemplating. Destiny is just that simple, isn’t it? Brilliant!!

    Love your work, as always, Galen!

    1. Thank you Beth. So glad this eases the pressure! Yep, soften, listen, allow, trust. Pretty simple — ha! You’ve got this.

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