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It Does Not Touch You

Recently someone said something to me that upset me. It was not meant to upset me, but I experienced it somewhat like an intrusion, even a violation, although that might be too strong a word. However well intended, it was too personal and crossed a boundary I had not even known was there.

Having heard it, I could not unhear it. For some time afterwards, it roamed around in my psyche, calling my attention to it, distracting me, disturbing me. I questioned my reaction and wondered if I could or should have handled it differently. I did not know how to resolve this in my agitated mind and release it.

And then I received a message so clearly in my spirit as if someone had spoken it aloud.

“It does not touch you.”

And in that moment, the truth of those words permeated my being and immediately all was well. Yes, perhaps my thoughts had been disturbed. Yes, perhaps my emotions had been roiled. But the essence of who I am was unaffected, remaining as it is, always and forever – loved, loving, pure, radiant, perfect.

Since then, the message has stayed with me. Whenever I catch myself reacting with judgment or struggling, it whispers to me, “It does not touch you.”

This does not mean that my heart is not touched with caring or compassion. It means that I need not feel threatened by what anyone says or does. No one has the power to harm what cannot be harmed. Rather than reacting in anger or fear, I am free to respond guided by the inner wisdom of my being.

Do I always exercise that freedom? No, of course not. But since hearing that message, it comes to me more quickly and more often to remind me that the choice is always mine, and mine alone.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. ~A Course in Miracles

4 thoughts on “It Does Not Touch You”

    1. Yes, this has been very helpful to me now on many occasions. Thanks for commenting, Kathy.

  1. I sure wish I could make this website remember my info, which is why I don’t comment more often. ( I always click on “save” but it doesn’t work.) But I had to say thank you for this reminder, which I think I needed to read!

    1. Thank you for making the effort, DJan. I understand your frustration. I have also stepped away from blogs where I have to fill in everything every time. On my own blog, if I am not logged into WordPress, I have to fill in my own info to reply to a comment! If I’m logged in, then it does it for me.

      When I switched from Blogger to WordPress, I did gain some features I like, but I lost some things from Blogger that sure made some thing simpler and easier, especially with respect to commenting. I am sorry for this added step in WordPress that I can’t seem to get rid of unless you have a WordPress account. I guess Blogger is the same way in the sense that you have to have a Blogger account to make it all automatic. At least I think that’s true.

      However, “save” does save some steps. “Save” doesn’t mean what it should so obviously mean. So here is what I think I understand about how the “save” works here. It doesn’t completely autofill. However, if you start with the first letter in the name and email boxes it will fill in the rest, and if you click on the website box, it will give you the option to click on your site and fill that in too. So, for example, on the name box, if I just type g, it will fill in Galen Pearl, and so on with the other boxes. So you shouldn’t have to type your whole name or email.

      So “save” does in fact keep you from having to type everything, but it does require that you at least type the first letter in each box. At least that has been my experience. If anyone has better information, please share it. This has been a question for me too.

      FYI, now when I comment on your blog, it will automatically link back to my old Blogger blog. However, if I want to link back to my current blog, I have to use the name/URL box and fill in my information there as well, so I have to go through extra steps to comment on your blog too! Why can’t WordPress and Blogger just get along and make this easier?!

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