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What Treasure Am I Teaching?

Ceaselessly you are engaged in teaching the world what you believe holds the greatest truth, the greatest value. ~The Way of Mastery

Chapter 67 of the Dao De Jing speaks of having three treasures – mercy leading to courage, economy leading to generosity, and humility leading to leadership. This got me to wondering what my three treasures are.

The first one I thought of was not knowing. Life has taught me repeatedly that I don’t know everything I think I know. In fact, I’ve lived long enough to realize that I really don’t know much of anything. In a way this is liberating. When I can let go of wanting to know, or thinking that I know, the urge to control things or fix things eases. My attitude is one of curiosity. There are moments, I like to think, of insight and wisdom which were obscured when I was busy knowing stuff.

The second one is surrender. Surrender, as Adyashanti says, is the name of the spiritual game. Surrender creates a spaciousness in which we can hear, if we listen, the inspiration and inner guidance that is always available to us. We experience surrender when we breathe. Each breath must be released to allow a new breath to fill us with the energy of life. Surrender isn’t a defeat. It is a yielding to the natural flow that guides us on the current of creation.

My third treasure is trust. I’m learning more and more to live in trust, as I’ve described in recent posts. Living in trust leads us to the peace that passes all understanding, literally. Because trust doesn’t always make sense. Some of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made, decisions to trust my inner guidance, seemed crazy at the time, but eventually unfolded to reveal beauty and perfection that I could never have foreseen.

I like to think that these are my three treasures – not knowing leading to wisdom, surrender leading to guidance, and trust leading to peace. If these are indeed my treasures, then I must be teaching them to the world, according to the quote above. Am I?

Hmm, if I work backwards from what I’m actually teaching to discover my treasures, then I have to admit that there are times I treasure judgment, impatience, anger, fear. At these times, perhaps the most valued treasure I can teach is compassion. Compassion creates opportunity to see the moment I choose to treasure judgment, for example, and gives me a chance to make a different choice. What a generous gift.

So what are the treasures you are teaching to the world?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~Matthew 6:21

6 thoughts on “What Treasure Am I Teaching?”

  1. Beautifully said, Galen.
    What treasures am I teaching the world?
    Remember that song from the 70’s, I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony? That’s one of my treasures, as I’m weary of the current division out there. But I only see this happening as I do the inner work of unifying my own body, soul, and spirit.

    This new year I’d like to be more bold in sharing the treasures I’ve discovered in this earthen vessel. For the most part I’ve hoarded in journals and Word files the dreams, visions, and revelations that have emerged from the inner world. Afraid for being vulnerable to criticism on social media.
    I’d be interested in learning more about your own decision to step away from social media.

    1. Yes, I remember that song, Debra. You are right that teaching the world to sing in harmony grow out of harmonizing your own body, soul, spirit.

      I hear you about feeling vulnerable about revealing your inner world to others. The book I’m about to publish is very personal in spiritual terms, and I initially felt a lot of hesitation in publishing it. This is where I really had to call on my own treasures of surrender and trust. So if it is time for you to be bold, you will know it, I’m sure. I look forward to knowing more as this unfolds for you.

      Several people have asked me about my decision to bow out of social media. This too is really about listening to my inner guidance and trusting it, even though it makes little sense to do this only a few weeks before my new book comes out. I’m not sure I understand it enough to explain it. It just wasn’t feeding my spirit and I want to devote myself more to things that do. And the timing, as odd as it is, felt right. That is not a criticism of social media or the people who enjoy it. I simply had a strong sense that I needed to step away from it. We’ll see what happens.

      Thanks for commenting, Debra.

  2. In answer to your question, I would desire to teach or at the least be an example of faith, hope and charity. A firm faith and life center in my Savior Jesus Christ. Hope in the future and ultimate goal of of eternal life. A life with my Heavenly parents and eternal family. The ultimate is to have the gift of Charity, the pure love of Christ. The first steps are to love God and then love your neighbor as yourself. These are the first and 2nd commandments. Working on these treasures bring me great peace and comfort through the challenges of life.
    I loved reading your thoughts and this is what came to my mind.
    Thanks for the comments on Facebook. I have missed following you. With the loss of my Grandson and other family and church commitments, I have slowed down on my blogging and social media. I’ll be back.
    Blessings and hugs dear friend!

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