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Message from the Universe

I’ve mentioned the technique I used for years of writing with my non-dominant left hand to respond to prayers or questions I addressed to the Universe or God or whatever name you prefer. I found that my left hand accessed a source of wisdom in some mysterious way that I can’t explain. I don’t think an explanation really matters. What matters is that the responses were inspiring and helpful to me, and maybe they will be to others.

In preparation to publish some of these responses, I’ve read back over them several times in recent months. The language was beautiful, poetic, mystical, infinitely loving. And throughout all this writing, a general theme emerged, a message from the Universe. I think this sums it up:

You don’t know anything 
You don’t need to know anything 
I’ve got this 

Not very poetic or mystical, but rather direct and practical. The Universe doesn’t ask me to take charge or fix things. I’m asked instead to get out of the way and trust that things are being taken care of. That doesn’t mean being passive. It means living in active surrender to the guidance of the divine.

What a relief. Except for that little trust part. This is not just a trust fall at a team building workshop where you fall back and trust your colleague to catch you. That is hard enough.

No. This is the ultimate trust fall of life – letting go of everything you think you know, releasing your judgments about what is good or bad, resisting that urge to be right and to let everyone know that you are right, questioning all your beliefs, realizing that you don’t have the slightest idea who you are, falling into the sea of uncertainty … and not drowning.

Not drowning because you are wearing your water wings of trust, filled with the breath of grace. So you float, marveling at the ease of allowing the Universe to carry you, remembering how you used to flail until you were exhausted, getting nowhere. Now you see that everything is as promised – perfect, as it always has been and always will be. Perfect beyond your understanding. It can be nothing else, because all of it is love.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. ~A Course in Miracles

12 thoughts on “Message from the Universe”

    1. Trust is something I’ve been contemplating lately. That seems to be a key, at least for me, that unlocks the peace that passes all understanding. Thanks for commenting, Martha.

  1. I love the feeling of this post. I read the Course in Miracles many years ago, and I well remember reading those words and finding comfort, even then when I didn’t know who I was, at all. Lovely to be reminded of that essential truth. Thank you, Galen.

    1. Thanks DJan. I have gone through ACIM several times over the years, although not in recent years. Lots of wisdom in there that is good to be reminded of now and then. Have you read The Way of Mastery? Same sort of thing as ACIM. I read it earlier this year. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Galen,
    I believe this is one of the most important posts you have shared thus far. There is so much depth, significance and wisdom in these words.
    I know, for me, it is exactly what I need to learn,
    to practice and to be, at this point in my journey.
    Thank you so much. Wes

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