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Love Your Thymus

This is not my typical post (do I have a typical post?), but I wanted to share this because it helps to support our health during these times when our immune systems could use a little energizing.

Do you know about your thymus gland? I am not an expert at all, so this post is from the perspective of a lay person who listens to her body and tries to understand how all its energy systems work together. About the thymus, I know that it nestles on top of or in front of your heart behind your sternum. It is critical in generating and “training” the cells that boost our immune system to protect our bodies from infection. The thymus is largest in childhood and decreases in size and potency as we age, but we can nurture it at any age to increase its power and effectiveness. 

Here is a little exercise I use to give my thymus some support. It only takes a minute. Give it a try and see if it feels right to you.

First, lift your elbows and hold your hands in front of your chest, fingers curved inward.

Now holding your elbows in place, gently tap your fingertips on your sternum, alternating hands, 15-30 seconds, or as long as feels right. Your alternating hands will settle into a rhythm that feels relaxing and refreshing. This tapping loosens up any blockage and activates your thymus energy. (Note that you are also tapping over your heart, so that’s good too!)

After you finish tapping, rest for a few seconds. Feel the lingering vibration from the tapping. 

Then once again, lift your elbows with hands facing your chest. This time, interlace your fingers. Place them directly on your chest over your thymus. 

“Rake” outward by keeping your fingers in contact with your chest as you pull your hands apart. As your hands reach the edge of your chest, “flick” them outward. Do this several times. 

This movement takes the density or blockages that have been loosened up by the tapping, and clears them from your thymus and surrounding area. (Again, the heart benefits as well.) 

Finally, rest your hands quietly over your thymus, sending some love and appreciation to this little powerhouse of immunity.  

That’s it. If you give it a try, let me know what you think. Meanwhile, keep practicing safe and healthy habits. Wishing everyone good health and happiness. 

15 thoughts on “Love Your Thymus”

  1. I'm glad you tried it, Martha, and glad you felt some benefit from it. I'm trying to remember to do it every morning. It's easy to do when you get up, or in the shower, or anytime.

  2. Galen, are you familiar with the works of Sydney Banks and The Three Principles? It's an inside-out philosophy that reminds me of Taoism. There are quite a few good teachers and books on it. Mara Gleason's book "One Thought" helped me a lot.

  3. I'm not familiar with that, Don. Thank you so much for calling it to my attention. My next door neighbor owns an independent bookstore, so I will order the book from her right away. And I will check out The Three Principles online. I'm always interested in learning about connecting and overlapping perspectives. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hope you find it helpful. YouTube has videos, by Syd Banks, the Pranskys,Michael Niell etc. It's a very simple approach. Some people find it too simple and reject it. They expect a complicated teaching
    Thanks for replying. Happy exploring!

  5. I did watch a couple of short videos about The Three Principles. As you said, very consistent with the Tao Te Ching. It also reminded me of A Course in Miracles. Are you familiar with that?

    Your point about people rejecting simplicity made me laugh. It reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my teachers a while back.

    Me (feeling exasperated about something I was reading): Does it have to be so complicated?
    Teacher: No.
    Me: Oh…. Can we talk about it some more?
    Teacher: No. The answer is always the same.

    When I get caught up in the "words" I try to remember this conversation. I laugh every time.

    I wrote a blog post about it if you are interested.

    Thanks for a fun conversation, Don!

  6. This does look like a great one to try. I will work on it and see how it goes. I enjoyed reading this and wasn't aware of this at all.
    Blessing and hugs for sharing this one!
    Do stay safe dear friend.

  7. I only learned about the thymus gland a few years ago. It seems like an important part of our immune system, so not sure why it isn't better known or cared for. Thanks for commenting, LeAnn.

  8. This is a wonderful technique for bringing awareness to one's thymus gland and giving it a nudge. I didn't know of it but now will practice it daily. Thank you!

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