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Eye of the Beholder

There is a rhododendron bush outside my window. A few minutes ago, I saw a squirrel perched on one of the branches, grooming itself. It was so cute, washing its adorable face and stroking its fur. It looked so soft and cuddly, bringing back sweet memories of the friendly pet squirrel I had as a child.

I was lost in pleasant reverie when I noticed something was a bit off. Where was its fluffy tail? I looked more closely and recoiled in alarm. It wasn’t a squirrel at all. It was a rat! Its beady little eyes were full of evil threat. It looked filthy and diseased. I immediately started doing a mental scan of my house, hoping there was no way for it to get inside. I wished one of the feral cats in the neighborhood would come to the rescue.

It was the same little creature going about its business, unaware that in one moment I was gazing upon it with pleasure and enjoyment, and in the next moment I was wishing it a swift and violent death. Nothing had changed except my perception of it and the emotional reaction to that perception.

Wow. Lots to contemplate. I can see how this plays out in my life. I look at a situation from one perspective and witness all the judgments and emotions that flow from that perspective. Then I shift to a different angle and everything changes. My whole “reality” shifts. Meanwhile, the universe just goes about its business.

So thank you, Master Rat, for my spiritual lesson today. I bow in gratitude. And I confess I’m still hoping one of those cats is nearby.

We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are. ~Anais Nin

8 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder”

  1. Oh, what a wake up call this is, Galen! We see things as we would like to see so often, and not acknowledging what really lies before us. A rat? I think I would have recoiled in horror, too! And would have berated myself for my lack of perception in the moment. Yet, Master Rat had a lesson to teach, and it seems you learned it loud and clear.
    Love that you had a pet squirrel growing up! Was his name "Racer" by chance? Lol!
    Blessings to you!

  2. Oh wow, there is great truth in this one. I have had these kinds of experiences before. Right now we have some rats or perhaps a muskrat that are in our yard. We are having the pest control people out to investigate what to do about them. We live close to a canal so that may be where they are coming from. We have spotted two thus far. To me that is scary!
    Blessings and hugs for this one!

  3. No, his name was Perry, after a children's story I loved about a squirrel by that name. We found him as a baby after he fell out of his nest. My mom fed him with an eye dropper, and he was our furry little pal. He would watch TV with me, and sit on Mom's shoulder while she vacuumed.

    He was sweet but not as wise as Racer!

  4. How is it that squirrels and rats are so similar but we have such different associations and reactions to them?! I might be calling those pest control people too!

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