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Hooked by Habits

When I’m up at my cabin, I have no TV, internet, or phone service. I don’t miss it. I don’t even think about it. Or if I do think about it, I think about how glad I am to be free of all these things for a few days.

However, yesterday at home I ran into TV problems and was told that no technician is available till next Wednesday. No TV for a week. Okay, I thought, this will be good. Maybe I will find that I don’t even want TV anymore. I don’t even watch it that much.

Or do I?

Around 5:00, I walked into the living room to flip on the news. Oh right. Then came dinnertime – I usually eat in front of TV. How will I eat? Later in the evening, I wanted to watch a favorite show. Couldn’t.

Got up this morning and I don’t even watch TV in the morning, but the TV was just sitting there all silent, and even though it’s silent every morning, this felt different. I noticed and felt uneasy.


Do you ever walk into a room when the electricity is off and still reach for the switch? That’s what this feels like. Habit.

So I’m becoming aware of how I feel when a habit is disrupted. It is interesting to watch. I wonder where else in my life habits run their programs below my conscious awareness. I wonder if I have behavior habits, or belief habits, or thinking habits that dictate my experience. How do they affect my interaction with others and the world around me?

I’m not suggesting that habits are bad. Some habits are undeniably beneficial. I’m suggesting that now and then, it might be good to just take stock of the habits that are in the driver’s seat and watch how they operate.

About that TV, I’m curious about how I will feel after a week of adjusting to not having it. Is that long enough for the habit to loosen its grip? We’ll see.

Have you had a habit disrupted recently? What was that like?

[I’ll be at the cabin this weekend, so please excuse the delay in posting your comments. I look forward to hearing your habit stories when I get back!]

12 thoughts on “Hooked by Habits”

  1. I think I would still be good as long as I had a radio and some halfway decent station to bring in. If not, I'd prolly be eating bark inside a week.

  2. I am a creature of habit, I know that about myself. I get annoyed when things don't follow the same pattern I'm accustomed to, but you're right: it would be good to take a look at these habits now and then. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog, BTW. 🙂

  3. Habits can be so hard to break, all those routines built up over years! I did give up chocolate a year ago or so, and was surprised I managed it. But there are others which I can't unless I'm taken into a different environment altogether – then I know I could break them…but who knows what happens when I get back home? ;>)

  4. Right. I'll have to say that the second day was easier than the first, but still it seems like something is missing. We'll see what happens after a few more days? Giving up chocolate? Not there yet!

  5. For me, this incident has motivated me to look at the deeper habits, like how I respond to certain people or situations. Or how I think about certain things. Very revealing. But yeah, still annoyed about the TV, but less so with each day. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. While we weren't without television, I just got back from taking Virginia down to see my mother, whose computer is a dinosaur. Consequently, I could only use my phone to check emails; thought I would delete any blogs that came my way during this hiatus, but ended up saving them for later reading – glad I didn't delete yours, Galen! Yes, it is a good thing to examine our habits and how they dictate the way we spend our time.

  7. I think I will envy you being up at your cabin with no technology. In fact, that is a dream to go for a weekend some place where there is nothing to do but perhaps read a good book and enjoy the environment. Maybe this summer this will happen.
    Meanwhile, I do know I am a creature of habit in many different areas of life. I feel like many of the habits are really good ones but I should shake loose a few of them.
    I have been pondering deeply my use of technology and it's affect on my everyday experiences. I think we need days without a lot of outside stuff.
    Thanks for sharing this one; it is an awesome one to remind me to rethink what I spend my time on sometimes.
    Blessings and hugs!

  8. Thanks, LeAnn. I've now been without TV for almost two weeks. It is still challenging. I see how drawn I am to the ease of sitting in front of TV to pass the time.

    As I said, never a problem at the cabin. I hope you do get a chance to experience really being unplugged and just relaxed. Come up here to visit and we'll go to the cabin together!

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