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Invitation to In Person Gatherings

To my Portland area readers–


As most of you know, the last several years I’ve been studying and contemplating the original Chinese of the Tao Te Ching. I have read and loved the Tao Te Ching for decades, but delving into the original language has revealed a profound mystical beauty that is necessarily lost in translation. This ancient wisdom teaching is not a religious text, but is rather a concise and poetic philosophy, both mystical and practical, that is compatible with all faith traditions.

Watching what is happening in our country and in the world, I feel led to share in whatever way I can the transcendent beauty and practical wisdom of this ancient text, to explore how this wisdom from ancient times might light our way today. Many people now are looking for a better way. And there is a better way, but it isn’t “out there,” but rather deep within us, where it has been all along.

In addition to sharing through my No Way Café blog, we have twice monthly gatherings at my house, on the first and third Thursday mornings of the month. The group runs in four month cycles, with the next cycle running May through August.

Our gatherings last 1 ½ hours, beginning at 9:30. Folks arrive around 9:15 so we can start right on time. After a quick check in, I usually share some of my experience with a particular chapter of the Tao Te Ching. (We take turns choosing which chapter to highlight.) We then have a time of silence for individual reflection, meditation, writing, drawing, however you want to spend the time. After that, we reconvene to share thoughts and reflections.

If you are interested in coming to check it out, you are welcome to come to the first gathering to see if it resonates with you. Please let me know if you are interested and if you can come to the first gathering of the May-August cycle on Thursday, May 3.

Feel free to email me at with any questions.

All the best,

6 thoughts on “Invitation to In Person Gatherings”

  1. Wow, I think that your group sounds very intriquing. I liked the idea that you discuss and then take time to have individual reflection, meditation, writing, and drawing. I think that is a good format for the studying of scriptures and other writings.
    I have found that much of what you write about in the study of Tao is very compatible with my own faith beliefs. Of course, to me the Holy Scriptures are ancient text full of deep wisdom.
    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Wish you could be here to join the group, LeAnn. And yes, I find the Tao Te Ching to be compatible with other ancient wisdom teachings. All wisdom teachings have at their heart the same basic truth.

  3. Maybe you do, Lynne. Or do what I did and start a group yourself. I need a lot of time for solitary reflection, but I find that the energy of a group creates its own dynamic that takes us all to places we would not find alone. Sort of the "when two or more are gathered…" sort of energy. Wish you could be here with us, but I hope you find something closer to home.

  4. Yes, you've got a point. There is a counselling lady I know who's just retired from her main job, it would be nice if we could think about starting a women's group togther with a spiritual theme, because there are a few other friends who might be interested.Cheers!

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