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The Oneness Game

Okay, this is going to seem silly at first, but consider giving it a try.

The idea for this post grew out of a game I was playing with my grandson. We were taking random objects and identifying qualities that were alike and different. Then the conversation moved to people. As we played, I started thinking we were onto something profound. Of course every grandparent thinks that everything they do with a grandchild is profound.

But it got me to thinking about situations and people that seem irreconcilably opposed. Naturally, I’m thinking of the current social and political climate in this country and in the world, but let’s not make this about politics. Let’s start with something not so emotionally charged, and simplify it to consider what unites us instead of what divides us.

Just like the game with my grandson, start with a few random objects you see around you right now. For example, I’m looking at my computer, my phone, and some paper I’ve written notes on. While the computer and the phone are both more technologically advanced than paper (and they are both smarter than I am), all three have in common that I use them for communication.

Another example – I was in a diverse group of people recently and we were trying to find something we all had in common. It turned out that we all had a Memphis connection.

See how it works? No matter what or who is being grouped, there will always be something in common. And with people, this is the beginning of connection, relationship, understanding, dialogue. It doesn’t always mean we like the other person or agree with them, but finding common ground means that we are opening a door rather than closing one.

Give it a try. And have fun!

You shall be called repairers of the breach. ~Isaiah 58:12

12 thoughts on “The Oneness Game”

  1. Recently, I have been thinking about the divisions in our politics and opinions. Both sides sometimes shsme the other. And shame never builds bridges. So, finding a common link, rather thsn shaming, is most constructive! Thsnks for this.

  2. OK here goes… I'm in bed right now looking around the room. I see two pictures. They both have black frames, white mats, with two people in each picture. Here is something else that is common. Each picture has a set of grandparents smiling with their arms around each other. Their differences are they are all different people wearing different clothing and one couple is dancing and one couple are not. One couple are short and the other couple are tall. Four differences and six things in common! I like this game!

  3. This is not silly in the least, Galen. I truly believe this is where it all begins: Finding our common ground. If we are honest with ourselves, we have much more in common than our differences would attest to. We bleed, we cry, we laugh, we hope, we dream. Oh, how the world could be made so much better if we take the time to connect with one another.

  4. Mona, yes, for all living things, those are common denominators. Good reminder! Your comment made me start thinking about what I might have in common with inanimate things–ha!

  5. I agree. Someone was recently talking to me about politics and called supporters of a certain politician "ignorant." I pointed out that those people might say the same thing about her. That led us to a discussion of finding common ground with people of very different views.

  6. I remember before the last presidential election, a reporter went to a small town and sat on a front porch with a small group of people who were split between the candidates. However, they were all friends and remained so. It was a great interview in which the people stressed the common ground of their friendship over their political differences.

  7. I really loved this post. I believe like you that we all have something in common. If we can just open up the communications by listening and sharing; we will find that common ground. We found this very true when doing our mission. I would be amazed at how we found connections. I even found a cousin while he and another man were discussing a picture. Come to find out we were from the same area and then we were soon connected as distant cousins. The picture was what brought us together.
    I love doing this! I loved reading that it started with playing a game with your grandson. I think your game idea is a good one. I will try it with my grandchildren.
    Blessings and hugs for you dear friend!

  8. Thanks, LeAnn, I hope you and your grandchildren enjoy it. One of the things that I'm always amazed by and grateful for is how some of us in blogworld can find meaningful connection across great divides. Those divides might be religious, cultural, even geographical, but we find common ground.

    Love your story about finding your cousin!!

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