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Losing My Mind, and That’s OK

Here is a recent text exchange with a martial arts buddy. He and I usually go to the same tai chi class on Friday mornings, and then stay after class to practice swords. This exchange took place on Wednesday.

Me: Since you are not going to be there on Friday, do you want to go to tai chi in the morning and then play with swords after? If so, I’ll come in the morning instead of Friday morning.

Him: I have time for the swords but not the tai chi. Meet after class? We’re talking Thursday, right?

Me: Right I meant Thursday. Why have I been thinking today is Wednesday all day? Yes Thursday.

Him: It is Wednesday right?

Me: Stop it! What the heck is today?

Him: Wait, I’m serious. Today is Wednesday right? Oh man I’m laughing too hard to text.

Me: Oh that’s right. It is Wednesday today….isn’t it?

Good grief. Can anyone relate? Our brains like to keep us humble. At least my brain does. My daughter says I have the memory of a gnat. She says it with humor and affection, but it is nonetheless true.

Some people are upset about the muddled thinking that sometimes besets their brains, but really, what is there to be upset about? My brain and I have been through many decades together, and for the most part it has served me well. If it needs a break now and then, or if it just has its own devilish sense of humor, then that’s okay.

We can still be friends. Like all friends, we make mistakes. We are less than perfect. Sometimes we do something embarrassing. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes not.

This incident with my brain in this text exchange was insignificant in the big scheme of life, but I realized that most things I think are a big deal aren’t really a big deal.

I think my brain was reminding me to lighten up, laugh at myself, and enjoy.

The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up on yourself. ~Bashar

10 thoughts on “Losing My Mind, and That’s OK”

  1. At least you have a brain and a very sharp one at that. I lost mine a long time ago. I am actually laughing hard on this one. I hate brain glitches.
    Have a sweet weekend my friend! Big hugs~

  2. I needed the attitude adjustment that came through reading this post.

    "I think my brain was reminding me to lighten up, laugh at myself, and enjoy"

    Thank you—

  3. Yes, I'm laughing, Galen! I sent an email to a friend I correspond with just last week. We typically call our exchanges by the day of the week, i.e., Tuesday Thread, Wednesday Thread. It was Tuesday, late, so I labeled the email "Early Friday Thread." Literally, I forgot the next day in the week!!! Needless to say, my friend got a chuckle out of that and so did I. Glad I'm not the only one!

  4. This is like the story I told in my comment to your post about forgetting where your car was. Our brains think they are so funny and love to play tricks on us! Thanks for commenting, Martha.

  5. Yes, can relate…but also I can make such wonderful puns on words, trouble is they just pop out through some kind of unconscious assocation, without my being clever enough to do them by design!

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