Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

The Taste of Truth

The ocean has one taste, the taste of salt
Truth has one taste, the taste of liberation

There is not your truth and my truth. There are not variations of truth or shades of truth. There is truth. Truth is truth. There is nothing else. And, as Jesus promised, it will set us free.

We cannot speak truth to power because truth is power. The only power. Everything else is illusion. It makes no sense to fight about truth because you would be fighting against nothing. Fighting gives form to what is unreal.

We cannot speak truth to power also because truth cannot be spoken. It cannot be thought. It cannot be known in the way we usually think of knowing. It cannot be taught or learned. It cannot be searched for or found.

How can you find something that is never lost? How can you search for what is all around you, that is you? As the saying goes, that’s like a fish in the ocean looking for water.

So relax. Take a belly breath. Breathe in truth. Breathe out truth. Taste liberation. It’s delicious.

Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists
Herein lies the peace of God
~A Course in Miracles

6 thoughts on “The Taste of Truth”

  1. Wow, I really liked this on truth. The Savior really is the way, the truth and the light. Truth is here and surrounds us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. I loved your last sentence. Truth is liberating. Thanks for you thoughts on this one; I enjoyed it!
    Big hugs for you!

  2. Thanks, LeAnn. Jesus also said that he was here to "bear witness to the truth." When we live truth instead of trying to force our beliefs about truth onto others, then the light shines through us for all to see.

  3. I found your blog through the Christian Taoism blog by HK Stewart. I understand that the Buddha started out his journey to enlightenment as a search for truth . It took him many years but eventually he found it as a type of liberation. I was indoctrinated into fundamentalist Christianity as a young man and after 35 years I became disillusioned by it. I wanted to find truth and I started by uncovering many layers of untruth over 4 years . I have become very interested in eastern philosophy and Taoism seems to speak more truth then any other to me. I do appreciate Zen and other Buddhist philosophy and I have adopted much of what I have found into my daily life practice. I will read some of your entries . Wu Wei is a life style I naturally seem to have adopted without knowing much about it mentally . So , your blog may be of great interest to me.

  4. Hey, Brian. Glad you stopped by. I love what you said about adopting wu wei without intellectually knowing the concept. That is so perfect! I do you you will visit the No Way Cafe again and share your thoughts.

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