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I Speak to All Just So

Listen well to silence
Hear the crystal singing of your soul
The song of home calls all to come

What if you wrote a prayer to the Universe … and the Universe wrote back?
      I Speak to All Just So is a collection of prayers and responses, written using a non-dominant hand writing method to access that quiet voice of inner wisdom that is available to all of us when we listen.
     The prayers speak to our common experiences and our quest for guidance. The responses awaken us to the memory of who we are, cherished forever and unconditionally loved, asking only for our willingness to trust.
     The book can be used as a daily meditation, or opened to any page for on the spot inspiration.

10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place
(and Staying There)

If someone asked us if we want to be happy, most of us would say yes. But we are lousy predictors of what will actually make us happy. Many of us hold our happiness hostage to some future circumstances: “I’ll be happy when I get a job, when I lose weight, when my kids shape up, when I meet the right person…” But happiness is, as they say, an inside job. Happiness is not a destination, not something to be pursued. It is the way we live. Happiness is a choice we make every moment, and each moment is a new opportunity to choose. If we choose repeatedly to be happy, it becomes a habit, our default position. 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There) demonstrates how to create these joyful habits, and in truth, each of these steps will bring us back to where we started: ourselves.

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