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Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl


Living with Beginner’s Mind in an Expert World

One of the images often used to describe Dao, or a person who is aligned with Dao, is the Chinese character  朴 . It means simple, pure, in the original or basic state. It literally means an uncarved block of wood. In that uncarved block are many possible forms that might emerge under the carver’s …

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New Book!

It’s finally here! I hope y’all will check out my new book. It’s a collection of prayers and responses written over several years using a non-dominant hand writing method. Click here for more information. All proceeds are donated to North Pole Studio, a nonprofit art studio for artists with developmental disabilities. Please check out their …

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What Treasure Am I Teaching?

Ceaselessly you are engaged in teaching the world what you believe holds the greatest truth, the greatest value. ~The Way of Mastery Chapter 67 of the Dao De Jing speaks of having three treasures – mercy leading to courage, economy leading to generosity, and humility leading to leadership. This got me to wondering what my …

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