Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl


All Has Gone Silent

All has gone silent  Quiet in the breath  Stillness in the deep  It takes a moment to realize  That everything has stopped  Warriors sleep by the fire  A leaf floats down the creek  

Birthing Myself

Lying in the mossy green beside the creek  I prepare to give birth to myself  From within comes the liberation I have prayed for  The pangs of labor I had not foreseen  Yet I embrace it all  Trusting in the promise of safe passage  Welcoming with love whatever comes  

The Beloved Came for Me

The Beloved came for me  Covered me with soft lipped kisses  Enfolded me in rainbow robes  And consumed me in fiery embrace  All my longing sated  I grew vast in magnificent wholeness  Beyond the reach of reason  Blazing brilliant glory  

On the Mercy Seat

I sat beside the creek  The ground blessed me with embodiment  The creek blessed me with song  Mosses blessed me with tenderness  Trillium blessed me with promise  Trees blessed me with wisdom  The sky blessed me with unlimitedness  Rocks blessed me with courage  Breezes blessed me with love  Birds blessed me with freedom  I sat on the mercy seat  There I met God

Released to Love

We want to pour ourselves out For our whole selves to be seen By one who will cherish our sacred revelation Here is all of who I am All my stories   memories     dreams       fears         secrets           longings             joys Now I am free Empty of it all Everything has …

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I Am Anchored Here

I am anchored here  Embraced by creation  Held by relationship  Woven into the tapestry of life  In this one spot on earth  So rooted, my spirit soars  Unbidden and unburdened  Free to roam  Carried on invisible currents to other realms  

Embrace Your Fear

Embrace your fear Do not fear it Cradle it in your arms like a baby Rock it gently And sing sweet lullabies Until fear feels safe to sleep And closes its heavy eyes to rest 


Fear comes from thinking  That we know how things should be  And if they are not so  It must surely be our failing  Trust comes hard  To those who carry such a burden  We walk this earth but for a moment  What hubris to think that we know anything

Only One

There are not many paths But only one Experienced in many ways The one path, though, Is really no path For when we arrive We realize We were ever and always home 

Showered with Love

Those who long for love  Look for someone to give it to them  Not realizing they are showered with love  From the soul of every person  From the rocks on the mountain  From each star in the heavens  From the tiny violet beside the path 

I Am Here

I am here Listening to the murmurs of the trees Telling stories to the ferns Deep in the earth Small creatures move in living worlds unseen While sounds and scent raft currents on rivers of air The hairs on my arm tremble In response to the gnat caught in a spider’s web Moss and pine needles carpeting the forest Whisper messages through bare feet And …

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Eternal Flame

Beloved Oh to feel your touch of grace I ache for your embrace of compassion Take me to yourself Lose me in the folds of your sacred robes Free me from these fetters of desire And let me dive into the cauldron of your perfect heart There to melt in the ecstasy of your divinity And rest forever in your eternal flame