Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

No Way Café

There is nobody who can teach the way of no way. It cannot be learned either. Teaching and learning require someone. When there is no longer anybody, then the way of no way is evident and there is neither need for learning nor desire for teaching.

~Todd Jackson

An I-Love-Myself Seat

While I was visiting a friend who had gone through a rough time, she pointed out a chair in her apartment. That chair, she told me, was where she had spent many dark hours, full of anger and despair. It held too many bad memories; she wanted to get rid of it. In its place …

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Breathe Like Water

While I was sitting by the creek at my forest cabin over the weekend, I learned a new breath meditation. The creek taught me to breathe like water. Admittedly, this takes a bit of imagination, but give it a try. I begin by imagining that my breath pours into me from the top of my …

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No Degrees of Separation

In one of my favorite scenes in Star Trek Voyager, the character named Seven of Nine thwarts the evil Borg queen’s plan by reading her mind. As the queen looks surprised, Seven calmly notes, “Our thoughts are one.” You might be familiar with the term “six degrees of separation,” meaning that all of us are …

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Home Sweet Home

Do you travel?  – Yes, all the time  Where do you go?  – Home  But you are home  – Indeed 

Destiny Is All!

If you are a fan of The Last Kingdom, you will recognize the “destiny is all” tag line from the show. Destiny. That is a powerful word. It comes from a Latin word meaning to make firm or to establish. The word is used and abused in all sorts of contexts – religious, political, and …

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I Am This Moment

In the movie Peaceful Warrior, an injured gymnast Dan regains his health under the spiritual guidance of a mysterious man whom he calls Socrates. In the final scene, Dan is performing his routine in competition, centering himself by focusing his mind on this imagined dialogue: Socrates: Where are you?Dan: HereSocrates: What time is it?Dan: NowSocrates: …

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Invitation to Dao De Jing Contemplation Group

As some of you know, I facilitate a twice monthly contemplation group using the Dao De Jing as a focus for exploration and reflection. With the onset of Covid, we shifted from an in person group to a Zoom group, which allows us to expand within and beyond the Portland area. We now run in …

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Embrace Your Fear

Embrace your fear Do not fear it Cradle it in your arms like a baby Rock it gently And sing sweet lullabies Until fear feels safe to sleep And closes its heavy eyes to rest 

Permission to Receive

Several times in recent months, someone has expressed to me hesitation to participate in a get together because, as they said, they felt that they had nothing of value to offer that particular day. Maybe because they were worried about something, or distracted, or just in a slump. They really wanted to come, but they …

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New Book!