Galen Pearl

Galen Pearl

No Way Café

There is nobody who can teach the way of no way. It cannot be learned either. Teaching and learning require someone. When there is no longer anybody, then the way of no way is evident and there is neither need for learning nor desire for teaching.

~Todd Jackson

Three Qualities of Integrating Body, Mind, Spirit

I’ve had the pleasure lately of working with several folks practicing basic principles of taiji and standing meditation. These basic principles integrate body, mind, and spirit to help us live our lives functioning as our whole selves, or, as I like to say, firing on all cylinders. Different people will of course have different ideas …

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Oh White People

African American comedian Wanda Sykes did a funny skit on TV one time using that tag line. She would read an actual news headline, shake her head and sigh, “Oh white people.” I had an oh-white-people experience recently. (I’m white.) I had a lengthy phone conversation with someone I had not met. We talked about …

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Abide in Tenderness

When asked about his personal path, Sifu Adam Mizner listed several aspects, the first being “abiding.” What he meant, he explained, was a quality of empty knowing, leading to freedom, awakening, and liberation. Abiding. What a great word. When I looked up the etymology, I found a reference to “waiting onwards.” This is not the …

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Blessing the Day

Open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me that I may walk through this day with the kind of awareness that calls forth grateful living. ~Macrina Wiederkehr I’ve been using this quote recently to start my day. I like the idea of waking up with a blessing, an expression of gratitude for a precious …

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Calling for Love

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness. ~Thich Nhat Hanh Several people have asked me recently how I cope with all the sh*t going on in the world. They want to know how I find compassion for all the people saying and doing things that, at least to some, seem, hmm, how …

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Released to Love

We want to pour ourselves out For our whole selves to be seen By one who will cherish our sacred revelation Here is all of who I am All my stories   memories     dreams       fears         secrets           longings             joys Now I am free Empty of it all Everything has …

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No One Invented the Internet

Al Gore became the brunt of jokes when he was misquoted as saying he invented the Internet. He did claim, however, to have created a more receptive federal environment for the development and use of the Internet, and in a sense, that claim was correct. The Internet, as we know it, is a recent phenomenon. …

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Living with Beginner’s Mind in an Expert World

One of the images often used to describe Dao, or a person who is aligned with Dao, is the Chinese character  朴 . It means simple, pure, in the original or basic state. It literally means an uncarved block of wood. In that uncarved block are many possible forms that might emerge under the carver’s …

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I Am Anchored Here

I am anchored here  Embraced by creation  Held by relationship  Woven into the tapestry of life  In this one spot on earth  So rooted, my spirit soars  Unbidden and unburdened  Free to roam  Carried on invisible currents to other realms  

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