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No Way Café

There is nobody who can teach the way of no way. It cannot be learned either. Teaching and learning require someone. When there is no longer anybody, then the way of no way is evident and there is neither need for learning nor desire for teaching.

~Todd Jackson

Don’t Compete with a Goddess!

In Greek mythology, Arachne was a highly skilled weaver. So confident was she of her talent that she bragged her weaving was more beautiful than that of the goddess Athena. Athena did not take kindly to the comparison. She approached Arachne disguised as an old woman and issued this warning: “I have had much experience […]

Living Off Topic

Recently I invited a friend to join me in an activity I had planned for the two of us. I had an idea of how this would all go, but when my friend showed up, she had a very different idea. Taken a bit by surprise, and thrown off balance for a moment, I did […]

Life Pressure Reducing Valve

I recently had some plumbing replaced in my forest cabin. As part of that process, the county inspector required the installation of a water pressure reducing valve on the main water line. Apparently, the incoming pressure from the main water line was too much for the cabin plumbing. A pressure reducing valve lowers stress on […]


A dewdrop twinkles on the branch  A tiny bright star hidden in the pine needles    Revealed by the rising sun  A gift from the universe  Saying good morning!  

Knowing beyond Not Knowing

Start with “I don’t know.” Why not start with where you’ll end up anyway? ~Adyashanti This quote inspired the second chapter of my book Your Breath Is Your Guru. It refers to thinking that we can know or understand truth with our thinking minds. When we begin to question what we think we know, we […]

Living as a Perfect Human Being

Not once but twice in recent weeks I caught myself being judgmental in a way that surprised me. Both times, my judgment was based on a narrative, a story I was telling myself about things I had observed. At its inception an observation is neutral, but then we quickly start embellishing it with interpretations and […]

Do-It-Yourself Inspiration

One of the things I did last year to sustain me during some challenging times was to create my own inspiration cards. I got some multi-colored index cards, some pens with various colors of ink, and a box. Then I started writing down quotes, poems, thoughts, verses, whatever caught my attention and provided inspiration, encouragement, […]

Asking for Help

It’s hard to ask for help. We like to be self-sufficient and not have to depend on anyone else. Our culture values independence. Asking for help is seen as weak, not fully in control. And you know we all like to be in control! Being in control is seen as strong. But let’s think about […]

The Trap of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is big business. It permeates our culture and our psyches. We are bombarded by messages of not-quite-good-enoughness from every direction, as well as promises of how to be better in every imaginable way. And it’s hard to argue that being healthier, happier, smarter, kinder, holier, and so on, would be a bad thing. There […]

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