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Message to Email Subscribers

A conversation with a friend yesterday revealed an issue about commenting on blog posts if you are an email subscriber. 

If you subscribe by email, the blog post comes to your email inbox via a “do not reply” source through Google. That means that if you reply directly to the email, I do not get your response. 

My friend told me that she has commented on many blog posts in this way, thinking that if she replied to the email, her response would come to me. I never got any of them. I feel sad to have missed out on her reflections. I feel even more sad that she thought I had received her messages and just never replied to them!

It occurred to me that other subscribers might have done the same thing. If you get my blog posts via email, please do not reply directly to the email. Your reply will disappear into the cybervoid. 

There are two ways I can receive your replies:

If you want to respond privately to me, then please send me an email at (or any other email address you have for me).

If you want to comment publicly on the blog, then click on the No Way Cafe link in the email. That will take you to the blog site where you can scroll down to the comment section at the end of the blog post. 

I did not know about all this until yesterday, so I’m sorry if I have missed messages from you in the past. I don’t know who subscribes by email, and until my friend showed me her email yesterday, I didn’t know how the blog posts were sent or what the post emails look like. 

Please know that I appreciate all of you who read the No Way Cafe posts, whether by email or on the site itself, and I care very much about your responses. I apologize for any confusion over responding to emailed posts, and I am sorry if I have missed any of your valued messages. 

2 thoughts on “Message to Email Subscribers”

  1. I have been well aware of the proper way to comment and have known for awhile that the "do not reply" emails don't go anywhere. I think I learned the hard way, too. 🙂

  2. So glad you understand the system DJan, because I would hate to miss any communication from you. When my friend showed me how the No Way Cafe posts arrive in her email on her phone, the "do not reply" is not readily apparent. I think that is what was confusing. I think it shows up when you hit reply, and maybe if you see the post on a computer screen it is more obvious. In any case, I hope it is now more clear for everyone. Thanks as always for being such a good blog friend.

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