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The Year of Perfect Vision

As already noted by many people, 20/20 represents perfect vision, making 2020 the year of perfect vision. I love that.

This year is an invitation to look with our inner sight, to see things not as we wish them to be, or imagine them to be, but as they are. To see through the stories, the judgments, the desires, the aversions, the memories of the past, the projections into the future, all the ways we distort reality. To see, as the Bible says, not through a glass darkly, but face to face.

And how do we do this? Not but looking outward, but by turning our gaze inward. By watching ourselves with curiosity and compassion, noticing how we get distracted, how we tell ourselves stories and then believe them, how we judge ourselves and others, how we allow fear to dictate our thoughts and actions, how we cling and grasp and push away, how we try to control the narrative instead of dropping the narrative, how we think we know what reality should be.

By noticing how exhausting all this is! And how futile. And how endearingly human.

Then comes the moment of surrender, when we release all our efforts to make better, to do better, to be better. When we see ourselves face to face and accept ourselves just the way we are. When we look without fear, and the perfection of all creation is revealed to us. When we see our own reflection, woven into creation’s radiant threads, loved and loving. So beautiful.

When we see with perfect vision, we see that indeed, we are wonderfully made in the image of God. All creation is Love’s masterpiece.

May we be inspired every time we write the date, or see it on our phones or calendars, to remember that this year is the year we require no artificial aids to sight. We are gifted with perfect vision this year. We need only open our eyes to see.

I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.  ~ “Amazing Grace”

10 thoughts on “The Year of Perfect Vision”

  1. I will think of this post whenever I write the date. Thank you, Galen, for being such a wonderful person and giving me your delightful insights. 🙂

  2. I love this, Galen. I hadn't made the 2020 connection, but now, it will be there in my thoughts this year. We are always seeking and searching, especially at the beginning of a new year – are there changes we want to make? Are we happy with where our lives are at the moment or do we want change? This is looking. This is questioning our vision. I guide a blind man every wednesday and he has a new vision and has been putting it into practice. He is venturing out on his own to the nearby restaurant where the staff are looking out for him, to have his breakfast or lunch. He is grasping hold of new enjoyments and allowing people to help him. He is making new friends and he's an inspiration. So here's to 2020 being a year of clear vision :>)

  3. I love your story about your friend. What a kindness on your part, and what a boldness on his part. That is inspiring indeed. Happy New Year, Lynne. I'm eager to "see" what this year brings us.

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