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Feeling Loved

When my phone rang this morning, the caller ID showed my daughter’s name. I answered with a “Good morning, sweetie.” 

But the caller was my 7 year old grandson, who exclaimed, “Nana, how did you know it was me?!” 

“I just knew,” I fibbed.

Even though my usual nickname for him is Honey Bunny, he responded to the generic term of endearment with the assumption that it was meant for him. How marvelous.

When he was a baby, I made up a song for him to the tune of Jesus Loves Me. I would sing the song over and over, each time substituting the name of someone who loved him. For example,

[Nana] loves me
This I know
Because she always tells me so
She loves me more than the stars above
I am blessed to be so loved
Yes, [Nana] loves me
Yes, [Nana] loves me
Yes, [Nana] loves me
She always tells me so

As he got older, I would start the ritual with the question “Who loves you?” He would name someone. After the first verse, I would ask “Who else loves you?” And so on. Depending on my patience, he would go through family members, pets, stuffed animals, friends at school, things in the house, favorite super heroes. To my delight, he would often name himself as someone who loved him. 

As he got older still, he sang along with me. Now that he has a baby sister, I enlist his help in singing the song to her, although he is sure to get his own turn. 

His quick and unquestioning assumption this morning that “sweetie” referred to him tells me that somehow, in his childhood world of scary things that go bump in the night, despite all the mistakes that we make as parents and grandparents, somehow he has absorbed the certainty that he is loved. 

May we all feel so cherished.

Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you …. ~Isaiah 43:4

14 thoughts on “Feeling Loved”

  1. Never enough unconditional love to go around but the self love is the most important since it directly affects how your sweet grandson will love others. Way to go Nana!

  2. There's no better feeling than feeling loved. I continue to work on loving myself. May your grandson continue to love himself. And there's nothing like a grandma's love. I would sing to my granddaughters when they were young – I love you a bushel and a peck… It's still in rotation.

  3. So true, Mona. I am always so pleased when he names himself. All my grandparents died before I was born, so I'm enjoying having this grandparent relationship with my grandkids.

  4. Not sure I get any credit, Linda, but I am happy to be in his life. I like the connection you made between loving ourselves and loving others. Good point.

  5. Lovely post and message, Galen – it's that childlike simplicity of feeling bonded and loved that we should all learn from and remind ourselves of daily!

  6. Lynne, interesting that your comments on this one and the last post both point to the wisdom of a childlike mind. Something to learn here! Thanks.

  7. I enjoyed reading this loving post. It is so true that we need to help each other feel loved and especially the children. I like how you changed the one word in that sweet song. It's great idea.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

  8. Ha, to be as a child… it's mentioned often in the sacred teachings. Can we as adults be like little children again? They are living now, not lost in thought, with little concept of tomorrow and just vague memories of yesterdays. The language they understand is love and they are mostly concerned with what is before them in the moment. They know love in their heart and have not forgotten,fully, yet, who they really are. It may be easier for a child to sense the inner realm of peace,joy,love, kindness, freedom and heavenly bliss. They have not accumulated the baggage of being a somebody and are very content being an innocent nobody. Its unfortunate that we have to learn to 'grow up'. We have to be educated and indoctrinated into what the world tells us to be. We are lead to believe we are not good enough as is, so we stop being a child and learn to become what the world expects adults to be. The world says its not cool to be a child, yet the spiritual masters all said it was the gateway to the divine. So, if we as adults can humble ourselves and become as innocent children maybe we will see the inner state of being, called heaven. …………..oh! to be a child again…………..mmmmmmmm

  9. "The language they understand is love and they are mostly concerned with what is before them in the moment. They know love in their heart and have not forgotten,fully, yet, who they really are."

    That is so true, Brian, and so beautifully said. A friend's three year old grandson cried at night saying that he was homesick. His parents kept reassuring him that he was safe in his bed at home, but he would not be comforted. They finally realized that he was missing his home from before he was born. Amazing.

  10. Thanks, LeAnn. I'm so happy that he still wants me to sing it to him. I know he will outgrow the song and his nicknames, but I hope he never outgrows feeling loved.

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