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I just realized that my comment notification is not working. I usually get an email notification that I have a comment awaiting moderation, but after not getting any email notices for a while, I went to my comment moderation page and found a lot of comments! Oh dear. 

I have now published all of those, and I will go back and respond right now. I’m so sorry for the delay. 
Meanwhile, I have heard from a blog buddy that my site is not allowing her to comment. Another oh dear. If you are having similar problems, will you please email me at and let me know.
If you are a Blogger blogger and are having similar problems, do you know how to fix this? Again, please email (or try to comment!) and let me know. 
I did get a notice from Blogger about OpenID changes. I have no idea what this means.
Again, please excuse my blog blips. Your comments are always valued and I’m sorry I didn’t realize faster that there was a problem.

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  1. I just assumed you were busy Galen. But in the back of my mind I was wondering what my last comment was and because I couldn't see it. I was concerned I made too weird a comment , that you didn't know what to do with it. Just kidding hahahaha. I do make some of the wall statements sometimes. A lot of my comments come without a lot of thought involved, if you know what I mean. I am often leary that I may offend others with my comments. (smile)

  2. Yeah, I don't know what is going on with this, Brian. I just checked my settings, and it shows that I should receive an email notice about a comment awaiting moderation. But I'm not. Until I figure that out, at least I know now to check frequently on my comment page to see what is awaiting moderation.

    I would never reject a comment (other than spam) unless it is malicious or somehow damaging to the spirit of the blog. Over the years, I have only had two comments that I had some hesitation about. In both cases, I contacted the author and we had a discussion about how to handle things. Both situations turned out well.

    I welcome comments from those with a different perspective or who outright disagree. I think that is the very spirit of welcoming all the the table and fostering connection. And I believe that we can share our differing perspectives without being offensive or offended if we offer respect and compassion.

    And that includes weird and off the wall comments (not saying that yours are). Some of my blog posts easily fall into those categories! You do put a lot of thought into your comments, and they are always appreciated.

    The only time comments are not published in a timely manner is when I'm away from my computer up at my cabin (no phone or internet there). Otherwise, know that I will be watching more carefully for comments. Thanks for hanging in there, Brian.

  3. The OpenID change is due to much tighter privacy controls enacted by the European Union that took effect last Friday. All web sites have to have a clear privacy policy and allow any user to block cookies or other tracking systems. Open ID was not complaint and has gone away. If you look at the very bottom of my blog home page you will see a statement that I added due to the new laws in Europe. It is a serious issue primarily for commercial sites and big companies.

    I have had similar problems with Blogger over the years involving readers being unable to post comments. Google offers no help so I suggest anyone who does experience issues to send their comment to me as an email. I cut and paste it into the comment section.

  4. Thank you for your expert information, Bob. I appreciate your taking some time out from your vacation to help me out. One follow up question — is this the reason I'm not getting email notices of comments awaiting moderation? Not sure why that is connected. My settings show that I should get the emails, but I'm not. Thanks for any further suggestions. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. I got that same warning about the EU stuff. It claimed I'm supposed to have a banner that comes up asking if you accept cookies. I haven't seen it. Haven't had any problems with your site. Every now and again when you post a poem, but I figure you shut comments down yourself on those.

  6. I do close comments on the poetry posts, CW. Glad you haven't had any problems. It seems to me that the main problem is that I'm no longer getting email notifications that I have comments awaiting moderation. If I go directly to the comment moderation page on my site, the comments are there. Because I was relying on getting emails, I didn't realize that I had several comments that had not been published. So far, only one person has said that her comment was blocked before it even got to the moderation page. Thanks for responding.

  7. HI Galen, there's some kind of problem about being notified by email when people comment on your blog. I just wrote a post that has a work-around for new posts. Just tried it and it works for me. Hopefully this will change, because I really need to see WHO is commenting on my blogs!

  8. Right. Since I use comment moderation, comments don't appear until I approve them. I don't screen comments really except for spam. But until the last few days, I would get an email notification that I had a comment awaiting approval, and I could approve it from the email. That is no longer working apparently, although it shows that it is properly set up in my settings. But at least the comments are on the comment moderation page, and now I know to go there to look for them. Technology! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. So glad you realized the problem and could address it, Galen. Did check your older posts, and thank you for the responses to my comments.
    And no, I don't know what Open I.D. means either, but it seems there are definitely changes going on at Google.

  10. Thanks for sticking with me, Martha. As long as I check directly with the comment moderation page, and don't rely on email notification, I think it will be okay.

  11. Hi Galen, It's complicated to explain I find. If you commented on a comment I've left you on your site, I don't get notified in any way. (But I can certainly leave you a comment in the first place)But I come back to check.

    With who I am following, the only way I do find out someone has responded to a comment I've left them, is if they have left a 'like'. Then I go to look and see if they have just left a like or a comment too!

    Also I make sure I 'like' all comments I get with my blog, because that seems to be necessary for the communications to go back and forth

    Good luck – it does sound as if there is some weird glitch and that you've done all the logical things!

  12. Yes, I do get those notices from you that you "liked" a comment I left on your blog. I believe on my blog you can sign up to get email notifications of blog posts and comments (that little box in the upper right corner of the page). But otherwise you do have to come back, as I do on blogs that don't have that "like" function. Thanks for the added information.

  13. Hi Galen, I just found your blog today thanks to a comment you left on DJan's Eye on the Edge blog. I so enjoy DJan's blog due to her postive outlook on life. It looks like I've found another excellent blog right here. Thank you for sharing! John

  14. Thanks, John, and welcome! I love DJan's blog for the same reason–always a delight to visit there. Speaking of visiting, I just took a tour of your blog. Very fun, with wonderful photos.

  15. There appears to have been a problem at Blogger's end since 24 May regarding Blog owners not being notified by e-mail when someone leaves a comment on their Blogs. This happened to me too.

    Blogger is trying to fix this.

    God bless.

  16. Oh, good to know it's not something I did on my end. In the meantime, I've figured out how to go to the comment moderation page and keep up that way.

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