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Heart Dragons

“Here there be dragons.” So say the old maps to designate areas beyond the known world, where only the most bold or the most foolhardy dare venture.

Dragons live there. Dragons breathing fire. Fire, the element of the heart.

Hearts are by nature bold and foolhardy adventurers, and if freed from fear’s mooring, will sail straight into the uncharted sea of dragons, where the water turns to fire. Hearts, like dragon eggs, break open in the flames. And only then is their true magnificence revealed, hot and blinding as the sun, purifying our souls, and blessing all the world with their infinite love.

It isn’t always pleasant. It is not serene. It is sometimes brutal. We are stripped bare of our defenses, exposing our deepest vulnerability. But when we surrender the struggle, and offer our hearts to the dragon’s fiery breath, we find the true peace and power of awakening. We taste the full flavor of life, and find it…delicious.

It’s worth risking everything for.

Now I know I have a heart, because it’s breaking. ~Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz

6 thoughts on “Heart Dragons”

  1. Thanks, Martha. There are so many great lines in that movie, but yes, this is one of my favorites, too. I might go a step further in your observation about life not being worth living if we don't enter the fire. Is it even lived at all if we don't?

  2. I am amazed at how thoughts like these relate to my own religious belief about how the spirit can work in our lives. As we walk through our own tests of life and turn our hearts to the Savior, We will receive peace, understanding and a true awakening through the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. Through the spirit we can change and be purified and sanctified. It is a refining experience. Kinda of a Dragon and fire moment.
    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Thanks, LeAnn, for expanding on the connection to the holy spirit. You and Laurie both highlighted that. Love your observation that it is a refining experience, "kind of a dragon and fire moment."

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