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A Gift from a Friend

    I have a friend who writes poetry. A few weeks ago, I got this unexpected gift from her. She said that the poem just “flew in” and she felt nudged to send it to me. She had no idea that that particular day, I was indeed lost in a story of my own making about someone near and dear to me. Reading this poem set me aright. 
    Today it occured to me to pass the gift along. So, with her permission, here is the poem that might set us all aright.
    Don’t Get Lost
    The story is bigger than this moment.
    Don’t get lost in the story.
    The question is deeper than the one you are asking.
    Don’t get lost skimming the surface.
    It will be easy in the days ahead to forget who you are,
    whose you are, where you have come from,
    and where you are meant to go.
    Don’t get lost.
    Walk towards all you hold to be true and sacred.
    You know what to do in times like this.
    Return to the root, to the core of your being.
    The story is bigger than the one you are holding.
    Let it go.
    Don’t get lost.

                                   © Esther Elizabeth

9 thoughts on “A Gift from a Friend”

  1. "Don't get lost . . ."
    Too many times, we are tempted to think it's all about us, when it absolutely isn't. The story is always bigger than the moment.
    This poem moved me so, I don't even know where to start . . .
    Love and Happy Thanksgiving, Galen!

  2. I know what you mean. The day she sent it to me I carried it around and read it every time I started to get lost in the story! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Martha!

  3. Martha, Esther said it is fine for you to use her poem. In fact she was very pleased. And I'm sure she would love to see the post when you publish it. Me too–I'll be watching for it!

    She asks that you put her name (with copyright symbol) and email at the bottom of the poem. If others would like to do the same, please contact me and I'll give you her info.

  4. What a wonderful gift from a friend. I love poetry and I really enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks for sharing it! I sometimes find myself getting lost in the story. This was a good reminder.
    Thanks for you awesome comments on my blog. Blessings and hugs for you my friend!

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