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Falling off the Roof

Today seems like a good day for a story. This is the story of when I fell off the roof. Some of you already know this story, but I’d like to tell it again.

I have a cabin in the mountains, my little forest retreat, with no phone, TV, or internet. It nestles under huge evergreens, on top of a small but steep rise overlooking a creek. One time, years ago, I left my kids with a trusted friend, and went up to the cabin for an overnight respite.

For some reason, I decided that I needed to clean all the little branches and pine needles off the roof. I stood on an extension ladder and raked the debris to the ground. After moving the ladder all around the cabin, I was on the last section. The base of the ladder was on the deck. There was one branch stuck further up on the roof. I leaned forward over the top rungs of the ladder and reached as far as I could with the rake. And then I felt the ladder slip.

My first frantic instinct was to grab for something. But there was only the slanted roof, with no gutters. In the next instant, I knew I was going to fall. And that is when everything changed.

I will try my best to describe what happened, knowing that I can’t. There are no words. So I will try to fail well, using words to do what words can never do.

The moment I understood that I was going to fall, the world changed. I did not leave my body. Indeed, I was very aware of being in my body as it bounced off the falling ladder. I felt my back land on the edge of the deck, and experienced the disorienting tumble as I flipped off the deck and rolled head over heels through the brush down the hill.

But that is not the story. The story is what was going on as all this was happening. At that exact instant when I surrendered to the fall, all fear evaporated. Arms of angels embraced me in peace and light. No, I didn’t see them, and “angel” is not even the right word, but I felt unconditional love beyond anything you can imagine. Everything that I knew or thought I knew fell away.

Surprisingly, I did not sense that I was being protected from bodily harm. On the contrary, as I felt my body crash and tumble, I was quite sure something was going to break. The blow of my back on the edge of the deck might leave me paralyzed. I might even die. At the very least there was going to be a broken bone somewhere. And I was there by myself with no way to get help. All of this was floating through my mind, but totally without fear.

Because none of that mattered. It didn’t matter because I was being held in the absolute certainty that whatever happened was perfect. I understood, not with my mind but with my entire being, that everything is perfect. Always. No matter what. Just let that soak in for a minute. Everything is perfect. Always. No matter what.

The sublime peace and exquisite joy of that moment was…ah, I can’t even try to express it. All I can say is that I knew it was real. That it was the only thing that is real.

I would like to tell you that this moment of awakening or enlightenment or whatever you want to call it lasted forever. At the time, it did seem like forever because time was suspended while I was falling. But I returned to the “ordinary” world. After my body came to a stop, I lay there on the side of the hill, fearing to move in case some part of me didn’t move! I started with my toes and moved on up, reassured that everything was functioning. Scraped and bleeding, and not yet feeling the bruising and soreness of the days to come, I crawled back up the hill and sat on the deck trying to process what had just happened.

As my thinking mind started to rev back up, all the “what if” thoughts started to dance a frantic, fearful dance, playing out scenarios that never happened, yet seemed real in my imagination. But I stopped them with a quick rebuke. I had been given a priceless treasure and I was loath to toss it aside in favor of worthless mind trinkets.

So I sat there, looking at the ladder lying innocently on the deck, tracing with my eyes the track my body took from the roof to the bottom of the hill, and giving up any effort to make what had happened make “sense.” I breathed in the smell of evergreen and listened to the creek, humbly grateful for this glimpse of…what? Heaven, truth, reality? The word doesn’t matter.

I might not have become an enlightened being that day, but since then, especially in challenging times, I have drawn on the memory of what happened, reminding myself of what I learned that day. That things are not what they seem, that I understand very little, and know even less. And that no matter what happens, even if I can’t see it, everything is perfect. Always.

Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists
Herein lies the peace of God
    ~A Course in Miracles

14 thoughts on “Falling off the Roof”

  1. I know I would not have your sereneness on an event like this. I know because back in second grade, I fell- from the stupid monkey bars. All I saw was a blur and sky. My eyes were crying, though I wasn't sure why. Then the nun asked me if I wanted to go home, and I knew why.

  2. I will read into your fall a message for me today. Whatever happened on the political stage last night was perfect. It is part of God's plan. I am wasting my time and showing little faith in Him if I stress over the results.

    I know that but I took quote a tumble last night and I am still assessing the damage.

  3. Oh, wow, Galen, I'd never heard your story before today. What an invaluable insight you were given in that dreadful moment, and what a blessing you weren't physically hurt beyond the superficial cuts and bruises.
    And you are so right – everything IS perfect, even when we can't see it. God is large and in charge.
    Blessings, my friend!

  4. Yep, it was quite a day! And I'm grateful I wasn't hurt. Given my insight about perfection no matter what, I've often wondered how long that would have lasted if I had been seriously injured. Hmmm….. Oh well, I have certainly had other opportunities in different contexts to put it to the test! Haven't we all?!

  5. Aren't we all. I had a Facebook friend say she was going to rest…in bed. I asked if there was room for me too. But we have watched our political process at work for a lot of years. It is messy but as amazing as it may appear, it does function.

  6. Yeah, I got in my pajamas early and ate comfort food! That Trump and Obama could meet today to talk about the peaceful transfer of power is the biggest testament to our democracy.

  7. This is a comment from Judy Koubek, who was having trouble posting this:

    Your story reminded me of something that happened to me several years ago. I was walking down a set of stairs in my house when I slipped. I began to tumble down the stairs and knew something bad was going to happen. A broken arm or leg or back. But, instead, at the bottom of the steps I FLEW to a couch about 10 feet away and landed on it. Or, I WAS CARRIED. In any case, I landed, virtually unharmed.
    I sat there in shock. And then it hit me. I was carried by something or someone and set down unharmed. I then remembered other times in my like when I had been in trouble and someone miraculously stepped in. I had shrugged those times off. But know I knew. I was not alone. I had someone watching over me in times of need.
    It changed my life. I don't think everything is perfect, but it all meant to be.

  8. Thanks, Judy! So sorry you had trouble posting this, but glad you emailed me the story. That is amazing. I had that experience once of being in one spot that suddenly became dangerous and then almost instantly finding myself a safe distance away, not sure how I got there. I had almost forgotten that until I read your wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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